Unbreaking science podcast

A Brief Guide to Unbreaking Science (1:51)



Intro to the Show! What is Science?  How can the public tell Science from "Science-Like Activities?" What was Popper's "Demarcation"? Subjective Belief vs. The Quest for Knowledge. Hypothetico-deductivism. David Hume's types of knowledge. Positivism. Constructivism vs. Objectivity: Do We Create or Discover Knowledge? Confirmationism. Justificationism. Kuhn vs. Popper. Induction and the Limits of Knowledge. Scientism. Appeal to Authority Fallacy.  Methodological Anarchy. Regulatory Capture. What about Scientism?  Learn about Dr. Jack's 5 Stages in the Ontology of Science and Why Science Needs to Mature Into its Predictive Stage.

Episode 2. Cerebral Bootcamp #2Is Science Broken?  What's the Evidence?

Trouble in Science! Key views on whether How Science is "broken". The Replication Crisis.  Publication bias.  The Double False Positive Validation Problem. Failure to Replicate Cancer Studies.  Replication Failure in Economics. Fraud in Science. 

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